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5 Reasons why the 3D Rendering Market is on the Rise

Over the years, 3D rendering services have continued to be more accessible. That’s why it is no surprise that the value of 3D rendering market has been on the rise. With its current valuation at around $2 Billion, it is expected to grow further. 


Much of this growth can be credited to the marketing of 3D rendering services. It can also be attributed to the affordability of the services and software. Its usage has grown, and so has the quality of work that has been done in this area. In this article, we explore the reasons why this industry is experiencing such a boom.


3D Rendering is More Attractive and Reliable for Customers

Let’s be honest, 3D rendering is a huge jump from its 2D predecessors. The customers are bound to feel this great improvement. With 2D sketches, customers don’t get the complete picture. 2D drawings also fail to generate the necessary interest from them. The designers can try to add elements of interest, like sound, but it still seems incomplete. 


From customers’ point of view, 3D renders leave no element of doubt. They can place their trust in the designers’ work. This is because 3D designs show them the complete detail of what they’re getting into. The potential buyers can have a complete experience of the place before it’s built. They can see the textures, materials, and other detailed features through 3D renders. 2D features, no matter how detailed, fail to communicate to clients the way 3D renders do. The clients fully realize the project’s value through 3D models. There is no way 3D rendered promotions can be misleading for potential buyers. In property marketing, the ads can often be misleading. This leads to the clients developing trust issues with property promotions. 3D rendering markets products in their true form, retaining the clients’ trust. The rise of 3D marketing can be credited to its level of trustworthiness.


Top Quality Visuals and Marketing Versatility


There is room for 3D renders to be viewed on many different devices now. Customers can view them on their high quality phones, their TV screens, and other sources. The rendering quality has to be top-notch for these high quality devices. That’s why today’s software are capable of producing high-resolution images. They can be marketed from cellphones to large screens without compromising their quality.3D rendering has also opened up new avenues for real estate promotion. Contrary to 2D sketches, 3D renders can be marketed on various platforms. They can be marketed on internet, on e-billboards, and on TV channels. 


3D rendering offers a whole new level of versatility due to its marketing potential. Practically every industry can benefit from the 3D rendering applications. You can market high-resolution images, 3D displays, and virtual tours in your campaigns. 


The Prospect of Standing out Among Competitors


In many developing regions, 3D rendering market is still relatively untouched. Designers in such parts can capitalize on such situation. If your company wants to stand out, 3D rendering can help you achieve it. With 3D rendering marketing, your company can increase your client base. 3D rendering can help you get more projects related to architecture and marketing. This way, you can generate more revenue than your competitors. By implementing 3D rendering, you can heavily outgrow your competition.


Designing the Geometry is More Convenient


It has already been established that 3D renders are a huge improvement from 2D sketches. The only alternative to 3D renders is a material 3D model. These hand-made 3D models are not convenient to design at all. They take a lot of time and effort. 3D rendering gives the designers a great deal of creative freedom. They can work the models down to the smallest details. This is because the software allow them to design any shape they want. This helps raise the value of the 3D renders, as they are tuned to the finest detail.


3D Rendering Results in Financial Growth

With all the benefits discussed, it is easy to conclude why 3D marketing saves money. The biggest advantage it brings to the companies is that it is cost-effective. This is why the 3D rendering industry is growing so fast. 3D rendering results in greater customer satisfaction. Your client base is bound to increase through 3D rendering promotions. Your company’s promotions become more diversified through 3D renders. Your company’s outreach increases through the implementation of 3D renders. All these factors indicate continuing financial growth for your company.

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