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Going Global by Digital Marketing For Startups

Through tips for great marketing tools


Nowadays, technology is increasingly changing and developing for better day by day. Startups have become a profitable and popular business for young creative people today. The positive thing that can be taken from the emergence of startups in various countries is to facilitate human life become easier and better.


For growing your startups in multiple counties, you must have a digital marketing strategy for international market. The point is you must grab the attention of your target market as much as you can. Remember, global target is very competitive because there are a lot of players on the market like you who want to grab the attention of your potential clients. Moreover, you need to have different strategies and different rivals in each location you are targeting.


There are some tips for handling your startup’s growth through tools of digital marketing.

#1. Google Ads

Yes, it is very important to build the voice of your company brand. You must know the message you want to deliver and also think of how to deliver the message. Google ads are one of the most globally and creative tools that make your message inherent in the brain of customers. Google Ads are divided into three parts:

Google Ads (Previously Google AdWords)

With Google AdWord, allows your ads to appear on Google search results pages on the relevant Google partner network sites. Usually, as known as PPC (Pay-Per-Clik Marketing), a sign that says 'ad' will appear in your search results. The advantage is that your site will appear in the initial Google search without having to think about SEO and also you can reach the right customer to the right timing. The example if you search "Local Watch in Brisbane, Australia" the popular shortlist with a sign ad will be shown up at the top of the search. Do not worry, Google AdWord have a way to set how much you want to spend on this advertisement. 

Google AdSense

If Google Adwords is for advertisers, Adsense is a platform for Google partners. Advertisers will pay for every click coming from your site. Google AdSense is available in two digital platforms, namely, AdSense hosted for the YouTube platform and non-hosted AdSense for websites. This youtube AdSense platform is very amazing. While you running with product development in the startup industry, you also can make a detail explanation through a creative video of your company on a youtube channel. As you know that most of the people in the world everyday open youtube for reference. 

Google AdMob

Google AdMob has the same performance as AdSense, but Admob appears on your mobile platform. Make your mobile application and Google AdMob will help you to make more money through the applications. AdMob works by matching ads with applications based on criteria that you set beginning. 

#2 Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)

Search traffic on the market becomes an important tool because it all starts from a word to word search. It is proven that hundreds or even billions of people around the world are looking for information from search engines, which we know like Google or Bing. With practical knowledge about SEO, you can improve the ranking of your website. You can follow the basic tips below :

  • make a unique domain name, 
  • use keywords in title tags and first paragraph, 
  • remove duplicate content, 
  • optimize image and metadata, 
  • check grammar and spelling errors, and 
  • create readability content and powerful headlines.


But if you are looking for professional services for international SEO, you can check out Globaliser.


#3 Social Media Platforms

Promote your brand not just as simple as making new social media. Your startup must have an attractive appearance on the social media platform with various content creation. Instagram feed and story, facebook, linkedIn, twitter, youtube channel are the examples of the most useful social media today. Based on, the Instagram account has the most followers worldwide as of September 2019. That is proven that going global for startups is easier by using Instagram. But please, concern in one of the most social media platforms that your company gets the crowd. The best social media channel is where your potential customers hang out most. Maintain the customer with interesting promo, and try to give a fast response in social media when customers ask or comment. The more you close and gain trust with your customers, the more you get their attention. 


#4 Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, Social media influencers or YouTubers become one of the powerful people in the social media platform. You can know the crowd from followers they have or from subscribing that they get. The advantage of marketing influencers is they know their audience, so it would be easy for your company to set the target market. 


There are so many types of an influencer. Like, YouTubers, Bloggers, celebrities, leaders, and social media influencers. They are experts in different areas and became trendsetters in their communities. Based on, global survey consumer for influencer marketing 2019, The Most Popular Influencer Types for Consumers to Follow are 47% entertaining, 43% beauty, 43% celebrity, and 39% fashion. So this data can make you eliminate the influencer and search for a specific person.


Start to think your company remarkable content or motto, so that you can deliver through an influencer. They can boose your product attention through :

  • post from your product with a short explanation like in Instagram stories
  • short videos 
  • details explanation through their blog
  • or deep explanation video through Youtube content


If you are difficult to find the best influencer for your product, you can try to pay some influencer agencies to find it. There are many local agencies that provide service to search for local influencers in every country. 


#5 Newsletter Marketing

In some surveys conducted by Demand Metric and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), it was concluded that email marketing had an impressive ROI of 122% ( That is proven that email marketing is a good campaign for your startup business. For start, your campaign in an email or newsletter, please concern these things.

  • Avoid plain persuasive language that makes bored to read
  • Make a good design and catchy newsletter
  • Mention contact details properly
  • Use attractive content like bullets and subheading
  • Optimize emails for mobile devices
  • Try to be a close person to the customer through a role campaign


So, did your startup ready to going globally with a good digital marketing strategy?

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