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Sell More with Product Visualisation

Computer Generated Images (CGI for short) are no longer “the stuff of superhero movies”. In fact, CGI has permeated the online retail businesses of today and big international retailers like IKEA have been using computer generated images for some time. For example, the Swedish furniture company produced the first CGI in 2006. It was a chair. Fast forward to 2020, and 75% of their product pictures are computer-generated. Did they sell more with this kind of product visualisation? Probably yes.

The success of a product marketing campaign often relies on the details. How do you create a performant customer engagement using only traditional photo shoots that look, much or less, normal? CGI does not produce “fake images”, but rather lets you put your product in more inspirational backgrounds, the “stuff of dreams” that are in every customer’s mind.

More realistic product visualization

CGI allows for photo-realistic product images that look a lot better and a lot more real even than real photography. Moreover, there are less thigs to worry about, like scheduling photo-shootings, finding the best photographer, the best settings and so on. With CGI you can render your products in 3D and then place them in realistic backgrounds that look idealistic and would appeal to your customers.

So, why should you consider using this kind of product visualisation for your business?

It looks like the best optimization feature for ecommerce

Although it sounds and it is a bit expensive, CGI will help create any kinds of formats without much hassle. No more losing 3-4 hours of work trying to find the perfect solution not to distort a designer handbag logo in the re-sizing process. No more ancient post production methods and skipped deadlines just because the needed formats do not fit the actual photographs.

CGI helps sell a lifestyle, not just a product

By showing your customers the aspiring lifestyle your products promise, you are introducing them into the land of aspiration and offering not just a product, but a mood, a way of life. This way they buy the promise that your product offers and no other similar project could offer it to them.

CGI helps set the mood around a product in a very easy way. With traditional photography, you will spend weeks on end setting up photo shootings in different locations to get the same effect. And sometimes you might not even get it.

Inciting potential clients and then turning them into actual clients by impressing them is one way to sell more. CGI is a very effective strategy of impressing and inspiring clients, showing them new ways to use your products and create their desired lifestyle.

With CGI you can market a product before it has been launched

Yes, this is right. You can render it in 3D before you have it in the shop and you can market it to create expectancy before it can even be bought. Moreover, you can create as many variations of your product as you’d like. You don’t need 10 different products, to create 10 different images of the same product, but on a different colour. It is all done at the cost of a click.

So, CGI can even save you some money if you have a large volume of products that you need to market or display on your website.

CGI improves your brand credibility

High-quality imagery of products can prove beneficial to your brand credibility. It shows that you care about how your products are displayed, that you believe in the type of lifestyle you promote and that you are committed to making your customers’ dreams true.

So, yes, using CGI can help boost your reputation, credibility and brand promise, by putting your products in aspirational backgrounds and by creating an aspirational lifestyle that speaks of quality, dreams and good life.

In the long run, CGI will help generate more quality content with less resources. It will help advertise products better, put them in a better light and create emotions. As far as CGI is involved, the sky is the limit. You can even create virtual experiences with your products on center stage, tell better stories and sell more.

CGI gets you in the era of experience

That’s what CGI actually does. It takes the product-centered marketing game and turns it into experience-centered marketing. You no longer market a product, you market a whole experience that can contain a lot more of your products and help create an aspirational brand image, something people will relate to their aspirations.

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