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Why Dental SEO is Important for Dentists

Until several years ago, people searched for dental clinics in Yellow Pages, but now everything is moved online. Almost always, people do not pass the first page of results, so any site that doesn’t rank high is ignored. SEO for dentists is crucial to finding new patients. And although SEO might not be high on the priorities list, without it, almost no one would be able to come across your site, which is bad for business.

SEO offers many benefits that dental clinics can enjoy, and the most obvious ones are:

Improved Rankings

Once a good SEO strategy is set, your website should start experiencing higher web rankings and start appearing higher, if not on top, of particular search results. Most potential patients search for a dentist within their area only on the first page Google results. So, if your website is not there, the opportunity to be found and get a new patient is quite limited. But with the implementation of SEO tactics, like keyword research and website optimisation, your website can reach the first page of results and grow your website traffic.

Website Credibility Means Credible Business

To be on the first Google page can develop a great impression on your patient’s mind. This is because it is believed the only websites visible on Google’s first page are those that are trustworthy and have proven their worth. They are usually quite user-friendly and always with some useful content. Knowing this is the reason why most people search ends up with the first page of results. Being on the first page will give credibility to your clinic and set a nice first impression, while also increases your chances of getting a new patient.

Website Traffic

Multiple SEO tactics in the ranges of organic, paid, direct, and referral are used to generate traffic to your website. Measuring website traffic is not only based on the number of visits but also on the traffic quality based on a set of keywords. Furthermore, a properly implemented SEO strategy could encourage patients to stay longer on your website and visit more pages. When you have an optimised website that offers great content you will ensure visitors receive relevant information and hopefully making them choose your clinic for their next dental check-up.

Converting Leads into Patients

Once potential patients get useful information through your website and recognise the quality of your practise, the possibility for them to book an appointment increase. They can become long-term patients, and through word-of-mouth, they could bring in also their spouses, partners, family or even friends for regular dental treatments over several years. Although it depends on the location and near competition, in most cases, the average time one person is a patient in one dental clinic can be anywhere from three to 10 years. To have a long-term dental SEO strategy can represent the most effective way of ensuring constant patient growth.

Going International

Targeting international patients is logical if the dental clinic or dentist has added value to international patients. Sometimes that can be fame of highest quality of work that is also supported with celebrity references, and sometimes it is just high quality dental services with lower rates, e.g. dental seo project. Whichever the reason, you can go with Globaliser for faster and better results in international SEO.

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