International SEO for Health Tourism

International SEO for Health Tourism

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International SEO for Your Health Tourism Business

In recent years, the health tourism industry has prospered a great deal. More people travel to developing countries every year for cheaper medical treatments. In the past, this process was very complicated for the patients’ families. Currently, however, arranging treatment from a hospital abroad has become very easy by making a search on search engines. So, SEO is one of the key marketing channel for health tourism businesses as a long term, high quality source for new patients globally. This is down to the ease in communication due to the digital revolution in recent years. 

In developing countries, medical tourism has a lot of potential. Many medical facilities there are starting to capitalize on this aspect. They have made steps to become friendlier for patients from developed countries. An important part of this is enhancing their presence on the internet. If patients can’t locate them on the internet, they would remain unnoticed. This is why it is a must for such hospitals to become more accessible online.

We offer to optimize your hospital’s or clinic's website for more noticeable online presence. Our Globaliser service aims to make your website health tourism-friendly. We ensure that your website becomes more accessible for international patients.

Basics of SEO for Health Tourism:

  • Specialized Keyword Research

This is the most important aspect of optimizing your website for health tourism. Each medical facility offers its own specialties to patients. It is important that your hospital is noticed by patients seeking relevant treatment. We ensure this by including appropriate search keywords in your website’s content. We skillfully identify the prospective search inputs by patients and work accordingly. The use of such keywords will propel your website to the top results on search engines.

  • Restructuring the Website

Our Globaliser solution ensures that your website is convenient to use for international patients. Medical tourism specialized websites need to be user friendly. Such websites also need to have content catering to international patients. We aim to improve features like page-loading speed, security, and mobile-friendliness.

Our package also includes incorporating analytic tools in your website. These tools track the traffic on each page and give you detailed data about user activity.

  • High-Quality External Links

Search engine rankings are also dependent on the quality of links of your website. Our SEO team works hard to build your links on other top-rated websites. This helps you attain the top spots in search rankings worldwide.

Why Health Tourism Needs International SEO Service?

  • Greater Visibility

About 70 percent of users don’t go beyond the top 3 search engine results. Once your website is included in that slot, your visibility increases. The number of visitors on your website increases greatly. The chances of your facility hosting international patients increases as a result.

  • Beat Your Competition

Globaliser service will improve your website’s overall quality. Once your website is optimized for medical tourism, more people will acquire your services. Your website, and your hospital will attract patients from all over the world. With a large number of people opting for your service, your organization will grow. This will help you leave your competitors far behind.

  • Sustain your Traffic

The enhanced user experience will build the trust of your patients. Your website’s traffic will not only increase, but will also be maintained at that level. Your patients will tend to stick with your services, and will be loyal to you.

  • Solid Platform for Further Improvement

Globaliser, period. Optimization of your website will make it easy for further improvements to be made. Analytic tools will allow you to make calculated changes to your hospital’s website. Any other changes to Google’s ranking criteria could be easily adjusted to as well.